Ukrainian English Language Classes

In April 2022, the first Ukrainian refugees began arriving to stay with hosts in our neighbourhood, under the Homes for Ukraine scheme.  English lessons were a pressing need for many of our guests; so we established two classes every week at St Michael’s, for beginner and intermediate speakers, led by professional ESOL teachers. 

These Monday ‘conversation clubs’ have become a regular fixture for many guests, with the opportunity not only to improve their English but to join a supportive network of fellow Ukrainians and local volunteers.

As one guest, Oksana, put it:  “In truth, we all became friends. It is in our circle that we can rejoice without envy, sincerely sympathise and care about the problems of others, give advice, share information.”  


Days/Times Running at St. Michael's


Monday 1pm-3pm

Monday 4:30pm-6:30pm