Giving & Generosity

We seek to be generous and to bless others as well as to care for our community. God’s work at St Michael’s is funded entirely by the congregation.

If you come to St Michael’s we don’t take a collection in the service or ask for your money. However most of our members do give on a regular basis and we encourage planned giving through the Parish Giving Scheme (PGS).  Using the PGS, which is reliable, trustworthy, and effective, saves a significant amount of work for the Treasurer team

If you would like to make a regular gift to St Michael’s, please go to: 

The Parish Giving Scheme can also be used for single gifts.

It is prudent to make a will in adulthood, and we encourage members to make legacies in their will and consider making a legacy to St Michael’s as part of that process. The treasurers can advise on how best to do this.