Giving in prayer is an important contribution to the life of St Michael’s and we encourage all our members to pray regularly, to request prayer and to support the prayer life of the church.

We have a monthly prayer meeting, which all are invited to. We also publish a regular prayer calendar, which encourages corporate prayer. Paper copies of this are distributed in the church. We hold regular prayer ministry after the service, where a small group of people meet to pray at the front of church after the service. We hold occasional healing services, where the whole congregation is encouraged to come up for prayer. We also hold a regular list of people known to us who are in special need of prayer through circumstances in their lives.

If you need prayer or have a special request for prayer, please talk in confidence to our vicar or the pastoral lead Carolyn Watkins.

Please continue to support our corporate prayer life and pray for the needs of the world, the mission of the Church and of St Michael’s, and of its members, remembering to praise God for his goodness.