How to shoot a segment

Key things to note –

  • Deadline for all videos is 8pm Thursday ahead of the Sunday service
  • Videos which miss deadline will not be included
  • Videos get sent by to
  • Sermons need to also be sent to Sandy

Get the setting right –

  • Camera should be at head height and in landscape mode
  • Head and shoulders shots, leaving a bit of space above your head
  • Lit from above and the front, rather than from below or behind
  • Try to have a contrast between your clothes and background
  • If shooting on a Phone, avoid using the ‘selfie’ camera by the screen, but instead the cameras on the back for better quality video

Practise –

  • Don’t speak too quickly; leave a slight pause before prayer responses, e.g. Lord in your mercy (pause) Hear our prayer.
  • Look at the camera lens rather than your own face
  • If you are reading, look up at the camera from time to time
  • Talk as though you are speaking to one person (you could think of a particular person)

Longer talks –

  • Keep sermons under 10 minutes
  • Consider using a strong structure to help people follow your talk
  • Record sections in different locations to keep people engaged
  • Use visual aids or ask the editor to add text (e.g. bible references) at various points

Recording –

  • If at all possible to choose your resolution, 720p is sufficient,
    although anything above is fine too
  • Look to camera for a few seconds before you start and after you have finished speaking
  • Watch your recording before you send it off!

Sending your recording to the through by using the file sharing website 

It can send numerous files at the same time, up to 2GB so it’s very unlikely
that any of the videos you take will be too large.

These videos are really helpful –

Charlotte’s helpful hints

Speak – How to Present to Camera