Cake Sale for Christian Aid Success!

Thank you to everyone who came to support our Cake Sale after the morning church service last Sunday!

In case you didn’t manage to make it, St Michael’s were donated a practice wedding cake (!) which we sliced and sold to raise funds for Christian Aid UK. The cake was donated by the group Plan Zheroes whose aim is to reduce food waste by putting local companies and groups in contact with surplus food supplies.

In total we took £554 on Sunday from this Cake Sale!

Added together with the amount already raised through the red envelopes, it takes the grand total of money raised by St Michael’s for Christian Aid to £970 – which will be over £1000 once Gift Aid is added.

Missed the sale and want to donate to Christian Aid? Click here to donate >>

Thank you so much to everyone who came to the sale, and thank you Plan Zheroes for donating the cake – find out more about their work here: