Video Production

While the lockdown continues, the church will continue to produce 10.30am Sunday service videos on our YouTube channel. This page will be used to collect documentation surrounding what we’ve learnt and how to maintain consistency.

  1. Creating – How to shoot a segment
  2. Editing
  3. Broadcasting – How to upload service videos
  4. Sermon Podcast – How to upload a sermon
  5. Storage – Repository of standard video clips
  6. Streaming – DRAFT page on the next steps

Getting involved

We’re always looking for more people to help, so if you have some skills, or would like to use this opportunity to learn some, do email

The Team

Video Editing

  • Mike Potts
  • Charlotte Chiew
  • Hannah Chamberlain
  • Doug Thornhill


  • Tim Keeler – music group organiser (singers rota, song details, sheet music PDFs, lyrics, new songs etc. Also photographs)
  • Jonathan Pitts – recording and production
  • Billy Watkins – recording and production
  • Stuart & Joanna Ramsay – piano & vocals
  • Greg Smye-Rumsby – vocals & guitar
  • St Michael’s Singers