Our video house style


  1. We always use the NIV 2011 for Readings. The readings organiser should send text to reader, Cc’ing Video Editor so everyone has the same text
  2. It is possible to capture Zoom conversations for the service. The host of the call needs to hit the Record button then ‘Save to this computer’. Select Stop Recording before the end of the call. The resultant files can then be sent by WeTransfer to the Video Editor in the normal way. This has been used in the past to create a ‘waving goodbye’ segment at the end of the service.
  3. If you know the name of the next segment you can introduce it at the end of your clip. This can be removed by the editor if the order of service changes.
  4. Leave a few seconds before talking and a few seconds after before ending the recording

A two person editing team

At St Michael’s we’re figuring out how to share the editing load each week. Our latest idea is to split the role in two as follows –

  • Editor – The receipt and arrangement of segments in the right order with transitions and first render. Those with iPad and iMovie are able to do. Ideally to complete by mid afternoon on a Friday.
  • Overlay – Getting that first render, dropping in late submissions, applying overlay and audio normalisation, doing final render and upload. Those with editing software are able to do, such as  Doug and me. Ideally to complete by Friday night/Saturday morning.

The Editor Role

  1. Movie template files for MacBook can be downloaded here, with a guide to how to import them to your machine here.
  2. They do not work on an iPad, however a standard St Michael’s service includes wipes from left to right (Transitions ‘Wipe Right’ on iMovie) and intro and outtro clips which can be found here. (26/5 we are trialling full fades in and out from white for each segement, to reduce jarring feeling when they run into each other)
  3. Hymn clips are also saved at the same Dropbox folder here.
  4. Produce a render of the clips in the correct order with appropriate transitions between then send by WeTransfer.com to the Overlay person for that week. We save in HD 720p widescreen resolution. In iMove you can find this on the Share File screen –

The Overlay Role

  1. Segments to have static overlay box bottom quarter with description of what there are in black Arial font (Helvetica Neue on iMac) – Talk, Reading – X (where X is segment of Bible) – (Title SoftbarWhite on iMovie)
  2. Static screens during hymns, readings, creed and Lord’s prayer – left half screen imagery, right half white with black Arial text (Helvetica Neue on iMac – using split screen crop option). Example PPT which can be used here – can be read by Powerpoint or Keynote.
  3. Music to fade out
  4. Before saving normalise audio to reduce difference between scenes
  5. We save in HD 720p widescreen resolution. In iMove you can find this on the Share File screen above. Produce a final render which can then be uploaded to YouTube following guidance here.

Future thoughts

  • Standardisation of video editor used – currently we have a combination of iMovie free edition and Camtasia full suite