Mission Action Plan

As many of you will have heard in church, we are preparing our church Mission Action Plan (MAP). 

Mission Action Planning is a Church of England tried and tested way of putting flesh on to what we say of ourselves as a Church and Parish, exploring our strengths and the challenges that face us, and putting together a realistic plan for the way forward that God is calling us to, here in Blackheath.

Please click the link below to answer the MAP Congregation Survey (unless you have already completed a paper version handed out in church last week).

The Survey asks you to consider Four Marks of Vital Congregations: Worship; Leadership; Spiritual Growth; Mission. It will only take a few minutes!

Please be honest in your answers – don’t worry about causing offence! We want to have a learning culture in our church and that means listening to the opinions and impressions of a range of people.

Please score each statement from 1-5

1 = weak and holding us back;  2 = only a few signs of this;  3 = making progress towards this;  4 = evidence of much of this;  5 = this is a strength.

Here is the link: