How to upload Service videos to YouTube

Thanks so much for helping with uploading to the church’s YouTube channel. We get at least 100 households tuning into the service at 10.30 am on a Sunday, and it’s a vital way of keeping us together.

  1. Ensure you’re uploading from a desktop or laptop computer using a current operating system and the latest version web browser.
  2. Head to and log in to the church account by clicking Sign In at the top right of the screen. Login details can be obtained from the church office or Mike Potts – note that on first login there are additional questions which require Mike to be at the other end of the telephone.

3. Select the Upload icon top right of the screen. It looks like a camera with a plus sign over it. Then choose Upload video from the menu which follows.

4. On the window which ensues choose Select File and find the video file on your computer to upload.

5. While upload and processing occurs, you can add information about the video to make it easier to find for users. The preferred title format for the channel is St Michael & All Angels – X 10.30am Sunday Service where X is the date of the service. No description is necessary, but if you have the Order of Service it might be nice to paste it here.

6. Scrolling down reveals yet more options. It’s not possible to choose a thumbnail while upload is occurring, but you can choose Playlist. For this select Services. This ensures the video is shown on the front page of the church website when it goes live.

7. The Channel is set to ‘No, its not Made for Kids’ by default, so you should not see this option. However, if on scrolling further down you’re asked if the Service is Made for Kids, do not this term is defined by YouTube on their information page here. The correct choice here is No, it’s not Made for Kids. As shorthand, if your video is not Baby Shark then it does not fit in this category.

8. Hitting the blue Next button bottom right of the screen takes you to step 2, Video Elements. Nothing to see here, move along. Hit the blue Next button bottom right to take you to step 3 – Visibility.

9. There are two boxes on the Visibility page – Save or publish and Schedule. Scroll down and select Schedule. Select 10.30am on the Sudnay you’re uploading for. Also make sure to tick the Premiere box below date and time to ensure there is a countdown when it goes live.

10. This is it! You’ve reached the last screen. Wait for the video to complete uploading here, but once you get the below Video Processing screen you’re welcome to select Close and navigate away.