How to edit songs for church service

  1. Go to Dropbox folder “St Michael’s Singers
  2. Open Powerpoints folder to find previous powerpoint slides and use as template for new songs that week
  3. Select an image for each song – one song per week can be multiple images if you like. Images for songs are in Photo Images folder
  4. In Song Library select relevant songs for the week and open folders
  5. Open word doc of song and cut and paste lyrics into Powerpoint
  6. Format type:  
    1. Title should be Arial 60 point
    1. Song lyrics should be Arial 24 point
    1. Song credits should be Arial 18 point
  7. Export powerpoint when finished as PNG for good quality individual images. Save in folder in powerpoint master folder. Delete old pngs from previous week to save space on Dropbox.
  8. Go to iMovie. Import song from Song Library and images from Powerpoint folder.
  9. Edit and share file to editor of the week via WeTransfer to
  10. Store file on repo/Dropbox repository – here