How to edit a page

  1. Log in to the church website at  .
  2. It will ask to check you’re human then present you with the screen below, where you need to select ‘Login with username and password’
  3. The next page you will see is the ‘Dashboard’. It features black bars along the top and left hand side of the page.
  4. Click ‘Pages’ on the left bar then ‘All Pages’
  5. Here you can see all the pages on the site. A bar runs along the top of this list. Click ‘Date’ to show the most recent pages
  6. Hover over the name of the page you want to edit. The word ‘Edit’ will appear, which can then be clicked

    NOTE: It is also possible to edit a page by navigating to it in the website, and selecting ‘Edit Page’ in the top black bar, or ‘Edit’ at the foot of the page
  7. There are really only four areas of importance when editing a page
    1. Title – this will show in large letters at the top of the page
    2. Body Text – This is the content of the page. Editing a page only amends the page’s content, as header, footer and sidebar are standard throughout the website
    3. Add Media – This is for adding pictures, music or downloadable files like PDFs or DOCs. I’ve made a section further down to talk about this*
    4. Update – Click this to save your changes and publish to website instantly

How to add a Page

To add a Page,  go through points 1-3 above, but selecting ‘Add New’ at point 4.

*Adding Media

A. To add media to a page, get to point 7 above, and place the cursor at the point in the page’s content you would like to add to. Click ‘Add Media’

B. The important areas in the windows which follow are –

i. ‘Add Media’ or ‘Create Gallery’ on the left side – The former is for adding one item, the latter for multiple
ii. ‘Upload Files’ or ‘Medial Library’ along the top – The former is for importing new files from your computer. The latter allows to you look through the media already on the site.
iii. ‘Insert into page’ at the bottom right of the window – once you’ve selected the media you would like, click this to import to your page where you left the cursor.

Any questions please do contact .