Giving to St Michael’s

God’s work at St Michael’s, including upkeep of the building, is funded entirely by the congregation.

We encourage planned regular giving & do not “pass a plate.” If you would like to make a regular gift to our ministry, please consult the following documents and FAQ questions –

Most people are taxpayers, who will want to complete a Gift Aid declaration to enhance the value of their gifts.

Frequently asked questions

Can we make gifts as a couple? 

We welcome gifts from couples, so if you wish to make a joint gift please write ‘Mr & Mrs’ in the ‘other’ box. For the purpose of Gift Aid however they need the signature of just one individual who pays sufficient tax to cover the gift.

Please add your title in the Gift Aid signature box so they know which individual the declaration belongs to. )

Who is responsible for my personal information?

Although the PGS has been set up to help us manage donations, it is a separate legal entity from our parish and must comply with data protection law. By returning the gift form you consent to the PGS using your information for the purposes of the Parish Giving Scheme.

Why can’t our parish offer direct debit?

Direct Debiting is a highly regulated system, and is only offered by Banks for established businesses or organisations who are considered financially sound and reputable with proven internal control systems. Will our parish be charged for this scheme? There is no direct charge to us for using the Parish Giving Scheme or processing your donation. The annual running cost of the scheme is met by our diocese.

Why am I donating to the PGS?

In order to claim Gift Aid and manage the donation on behalf of our parish, it is necessary that your donation is legally given to the PGS who are handling all the administration on our behalf. The donation is restricted to our parish and cannot be used by the PGS for any other purposes.

Can I choose the day my gift is collected?

Unfortunately not. In minimising costs it is important that all donations are collected on the same day each month, which has been agreed as the 1st. What rate of inflation will be used? Retail Prices Index (RPI) will be used as an independent and well-known measure. The scheme will increase all relevant gifts using the rate for January of that year (if this rate is unavailable the rate for the previous January will be used for consistency).

What if I say yes to an inflationary increase, but my circumstances change?

We fully understand that circumstances can change; please rest assured that you will be written to 30 days in advance of any increase with the revised amount. If you are unable to meet it simply let us know.