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Sermons preached at St Michael's are usually recorded and you can download the recordings here.

The recorded sermons are in mp3 format.

You can also subscribe to the sermons Podcast. Once you have subscribed, your software can automatically download any new sermons that are available. You can subscribe to the Podcast using iTunes or you can subscribe using different software: the address for the Podcast is

If have any problems downloading or listening to the sermons, contact the webmaster and he may be able to help.





The Conversion of Paul, Acts 9v116/07/17 Stuart Noble 24:46Download
Daniel in Babylon, Daniel 5,6 09/07/17 Anthony Buckley 18:16Download
Ruth 02/07/17 Ezechi Iwuagwu 31:23Download
Lost and found, Luke 15 02/07/17 Stuart Noble 14:40Download
Don't live in the dark, Ephesians 5v8 to 21 25/06/17 John Clark 27:13Download
Science and faith, our vision of reality 25/06/17 Sandy Christie 19:21Download
Christian distinctiveness, walking with Jesus, Ephesians 4v25 to 5v7 18/06/17 Sandy Christie 26:14Download
Jesus returns 18/06/17 Greg Smye Rumsby 21:08Download
Psalms that matter to me 11/06/17 Michael Mossman, Jonathan Causer, Maggie Holland 25:07Download
Isaiah 55 11/06/17 Kristin Stevenson 16:03Download
Pentecost 04/06/17 Sandy Christie 16:20Download
The Creator and Creativity 04/06/17 Kyle & Ellie McPhail 9:58Download
Jesus the king 28/05/17 Greg Smye Rumsby 19:16Download
Salt and light, Matthew 5v13 to 20 21/05/17 Simon Ashton 19:43Download
Jesus the sacrifice 14/05/17 Greg Smye Rumsby 20:49Download
Breakfast with the risen Lord, John 21v1 to 14 07/05/17 Sandy Christie 21:29Download
The earth is the Lord's, faith as tiny as a seed, Psalm 24v1 07/05/17 Hannah Dunstan 9:35Download
Jesus and Thomas, John 20v24 to 31 30/04/17 Chris Ashworth 26:55Download
Jesus the snake crusher 30/04/17 Greg Smye Rumsby 25:25Download
Breath on me breath of God, John 20v19 to 23 23/04/17 Sandy Christie 21:01Download

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